Oyster V App and Software

Oyster V App and Software

IMPORTANT: Login to your Oyster V Smartphone App after July 1st 2020 to ensure you have downloaded the critical update released July 1st, 2020.


App connectivity and software update

One of the many new features of the Oyster V is the connectivity to your smartphone. Visit Google Play or the Apple App store to download the latest copy of the “ten Haaft APP”.


Google Play

Apple App Store


Software update via USB stick
The FeatureBox / Command Unit as well as all other electronic components of the system can be updated via USB stick. To do so, make sure that the system is switched off and then plug the USB stick containing a specific container file (UF file) into the USB port and switch the system back on. Download the software here on the Ten Haaft website:



You are then able to communicate with the Featurebox via its WiFi network. Some of the many features are wireless software update, vehicle information such as incoming voltage, signal strength and error logging.

Please install the App on your phone and update the software of your system. The Oyster V uses one software version for all countries, therefore everybody will benefit from small software changes equally.


The App’s language is preset to German. To change it, press the “gear icon” in the bottom right corner. This will take you to “Einstellungen (Settings)”. Click on “Allgemein (General)”, then on “Sprache – deutsch” and change it to “english”. Pressing the “< key” on the top left will confirm your selection and change the language to English.


To connect your phone to the Featurebox, the QR scanner of the phone is used. The app will start your phone’s QR scanner automatically when you go into the Settings/Network/WiFi QR Scanner menu. Every Featurebox has a QR sticker and comes with additional stickers which can be placed in a convenient spot.


Please update the software regularly. Just start your app. If new software is available it will automatically prompt you to download it. Then connect to the Featurebox with your phone. Click on the gear icon, then “Update”. The update will start automatically or it will confirm that the software is up to date.


Download Quickstart Guide (pdf)



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