Activating Your Optus Smartcard

Activating your smartcard is a 3 step process and can be easily done over the internet.

Step 1

Firstly, make sure that your system is switched on and locked on to the Optus C1 satellite. If you haven't done so, make sure that your IRDETO cam (the card holder) is inserted into your Oyster Digital decoder.

Write down the 11 digit smartcard serial number located on the back of your smartcard. You should also have your local ABC station selected.

(When you are being asked what receiver you are using, put “IRDETO conditional access module“)

Step 2

Now click the image below and fill in the details.
Register Optus Smartcard Activation can take a couple of days, but usually happens within a few minutes. Once the picture on your local ABC station comes clear, your card is activated. Now change the channel to try your local SBS. It may take a few seconds, before it comes clear.

Now go to the website of Southern Cross Central. They require you to give them an itenerary, which you will have to update every 6 months.

Step 3

Lastly, visit the website of MySatTV. You will be able to find all the required information there, including the forms you will be required to fill out, including this form.
Imparja also requires you to regularly update your itenerary as well as pay a fee for keeping your smartcard activated. Read their webiste for details.

Should your smartcard ever fail to decode the signal because you have not used it in a while, simply revisit above sites and reactivate it. If you are certain, that your card is active, just select your local ABC and leave it in the decoder for a while. It should come clear. Should you have any problems activating your card, please send us an email.