Australian Importer and Distributor of Ten Haaft Oyster Vision
Specialists in Caravan and Motorhome

About Smartsat

Whenever you see a dish on the roof of a motor home, it is probably an Oyster system by Smartsat.

Made in Germany, for Australian conditions, with almost twenty years as one of Australia’s most popular Digital Satellite TV Receiver Systems.

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Smartsat has distributors and retail partners Australia wide.

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Why Buy an Oyster Vision V Satellite TV Receiver System for your Caravan or Motorhome?
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Precision built for Australian conditions

German made, high quality system with over 15 years of being one of Australia's most well known Sat TV Systems

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Easy Software Updates

The free App available with the system makes life easy for both users and installers.

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Fully automated searching & aiming

Extremely fast satellite acquisition via GPS, 3D compass and inclination sensor.


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Michelle P.
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