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Australian Importer and Distributor of Ten Haaft Oyster Vision

Keith Keller
Specialists in Caravan and Motorhome
communications products and accessories

Whenever you see a dish on the roof of a motor home, it is probably an Oyster system by Smartsat.

Dedication to customer service, partnerships with premium Caravan and Motorhome manufacturers and providing one of the best available systems for crystal clear satellite TV has allowed Smartsat to operate across Australia for over 25 years.

Joining the AMI Group of companies in 2008, Smartsat through AMI’s network of branches and service agents allows for Smartsat to assist with installation, commissioning, surveying, planned & preventive maintenance of Oyster systems.

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Smartsat WA

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Perth, Western Australia

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Award Winning Satellite tv systems

About Ten Haaft GmBH

The ten Haaft brothers founded ten Haaft GmbH more than 25 years ago and thereby entered the market of fully automatic satellite systems for mobile use that was still brand-new at that time.

The company is headquartered in Sourthern Germany near Pforzheim, well connected to highway A8.

Oyster V vision