Frequently Asked Questions

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Our systems are made in Germany with highest quality workmanship. Our manufacturer is the German market leader and they feature cutting edge technology. There are no electronic components outside and non-rusting materials are used in the stable, solid construction of the satellite dish and its mechanics. A 3 Year guarantee speaks for itself.

The excellent digital quality of Australian Free to Air satellite broadcast is available in most parts of Australia but it is possible that in heavy rain or in dense, overcast conditions that the signal may be reduced.

The SmartSat Oyster System uses approximately 8 watts (30 watts when searching) using 12 volts (also available 24volts).
The fully- automatic system can be done by someone with moderate electrition skills however, we recommend installation by our specialist technicians because of warranty considerations.
Smartsat only acts as a wholesaler, therefore your first point of contact is the company that sold and installed the Oyster for you. You should be able to find them in the “Our Dealer Network section of this website. They will liase with Smartsat if necessary for warranty issues. Please let us know if there are problems with your supplier

Here are instructions for tuning in Lost Channels.
ABC has changed most of its Broadcasting Frequencies via Satellite.

  • Switch on your oyster on program 1 Expo channel.
  • Press the “MENU” Button.
  • Scroll down to “MAIN MENU” and press “OK”.
  • Scroll to “CHANNEL LIST” and press “OK”.
  • Scroll to “SEARCH CHANNEL” and press “OK”.
  • Highlight “OPTUS C1″ and press “OK”.
  • Wait a little bit and press “OK” and after 5 seconds press “OK” again
  • Wait until the search is finished.
  • Press the “EXIT” Button.
  • Press “OK” and then “EXIT”.
  • Switch to Program 2 and wait a few seconds. If the channels are still not back, switch your Oyster off and on again.