DVB-T Digital Whip Antenna


The Banten DVB-T Digital Whip Antenna is suitable for Boats, Caravans or RV's. It comes complete with a solid mounting base and equipment, a length of coaxial cable with fittings as well as a power amplifier.
This unit has the option of being fitted using alternative mounting equipment - rail mounts, folding mounts, etc.

Banten DVB-T Aerial: Digital Whip Antenna

Image quality is very important when referring to the Terrestrial Digital Marine TV, in particular, a clean picture with great signal strength. Banten has used an upstream filter at the amplifier to help amplify the useful part of a signal for better picture quality. Banten has also designed the amplifier within the same body of the antenna to further reduce possible interference. The product has a stylish design with a wide range of accessories for easy installation.

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  • 24dB of REAL gain (with gauge HP).
  • Protection against noise interference from mobile phones and WIFI, resulting in a clearer signal.
  • Filter rejects frequencies with substandard signal quality.
  • Amplifier works to heighten clear signals.
  • Quick installation through easy access to the F connector.
  • Universal mounting:
    • accessories allow the antenna to be mounted on any surface.
  • SNAP-ON base allows quick release in the event of impact.
    • Example: Against tree branches.
  • MIRROR base enables installation on roof racks, ladders, bike racks, etc.
  • Shape Matching with VHF antenna or AM/FM in the same factory, to maintain a lean design on boats, motor homes and camper vans.
  • Fewer pieces to assemble, resulting in a faster installation.
  • Low fitting cost:
    • Only one 12mm hole required.


  • Frequency: 175-240 / 470-860 MHz
  • Gain: 24db
  • Impedance: 75Ohm
  • Output Voltage: +26dbm
  • Noise Figure: 1,9 db
  • Power: 12VDC - 50 mA
  • Connection: F female
  • Weight: 100gr
  • Length: 36cm including supplied mounting base
  • Fitting: Hole dia 12mm
  • Cable: 5mt low loss cable