VAST Satellite Receiver

VAST... A platform is taking TV satellite broadcasting into the new millenium!
Finally the times are over where satellite TV broadcasting was limited to the Optus Aurora platform with it's few available channels. VAST will allow you to watch pretty much all those channels that people have been able to enjoy for years through the digital terrestrial network... and a large number of those channels are in HIGH DEFINITION! AUSTRALIA WIDE!

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Can I use VAST with my new or existing Oyster setup?

Absolutely! In fact, the Oyster Vision as well as the Oyster Digital systems are the perfect companion for the VAST box: the Oyster connects to the satellite fully automatically, and the VAST box does the rest. A real alternative to Pay TV!

I have been using my Oyster for Optus Aurora, how can I use VAST?

Easy! You will need to purchase a VAST receiver. A VAST receiver retails for around $280 and comes with its own VAST Smartcard. If your Oyster is a single LNB system, you connect your VAST box to the SAT OUT F-connector of your Oyster control box (see back, directly below SAT IN). For a twin system, you can use either the same or the 2nd LNB cable, which comes out of your wiring loom.

Then you connect the VAST box to your TV (we recommend the HDMI output of the VAST box) and off you go. Get the Oyster system to find the C1 satellite (this is the same one the Optus Aurora platform uses), switch on the VAST box, select the HDMI input of your TV and you are in business!

Note: Oyster systems older than 3 years use a 10.600 MHz LNB. The VAST box is preset to a 10.700 MHz LNB. While the VATS box can be set to use a 10.600 MHz LNB, we recommend to have the LNB changed to a 10.700 to counteract any possible incompatibilities.

Contact us for details, please enclose your whereabouts.

I only have a single LNB system, should I convert it to twin?

Unless you want to watch more than one TV with different stations at the same time and/or use a F*xtel IQ, IQ2, A*star Mystar or Mystar HD box and you absolutely have to be able to use all its features, then the answer is no. If you want to do it anyway, converting the system requires to disassemble the top box as well as running a 2nd coax cable parellel to the wiring loom. A conversion will set you back about $600++.

Is a VAST box 12V or 220V?

The manufacturer UEC has a 2 year contract with the service provider to be the only company to manufacture VAST boxes. This contract ends some tim in early 2012. At the moment there are no 12V VAST boxes available.

Where can I buy a VAST box?

No Worries! While we are working on supplying VAST boxes to our wholesale customers with Oyster systems, as a wholesaler we do not sell directly to the public.
Please contact our retail network, a number of our retail partners will be able to supply and fit a VAST box for you!