Setting up the available satellites.

This section will show you how you can add or remove satellites from the list of available satellites on Oyster Digital Systems.
This will come in handy when you want to; for example; restrict access to other satellites in order to keep it simple for the user and avoid confusion or give more experienced users access to all available satellites.

Satellite Hex Value
Astra (Europe only, required for testing in Germany) 1
Optus C1 2
Optus D2 2
Optus D1 4
Intelsat 701 16
Intelsat 8 32
Intelsat 2 64
Asiasat 4 128
NSS 6 256


To make a list of satellites available, just add up their hex values (found in the table above).

Example #1: To have a list of Optus C1, Optus D2 and Intelsat 8, you simply add 2 + 4 + 32 = 38
Example #2: To only have Optus C1 in the list, you just use it's hex value: 2

In the mechanical settings menu (while Automatic Search is highlighted, press Menu and Info (or EPG depending on remote) in quick sucession), find the line 2.4 Available Satellites and enter your calculated value and press OK.
(DEFAULT VALUE is = 46 for C1, D1 and I8).
(Also check the line below: 2.4a Available Satellites II. This value has to be set to 0).