Software Tools

Here you can download tools needed to update the firmware of Oyster Digital Receivers as well as Oyster Vision Control Boxes.

Use these software versions only as later versions might cause problems while updating the software. Please do not publish this link to your customers as these files should only be handled by technicians because unwarranted use may damage the Oyster System.

Software Downloads


TVBoxedit originally is a software to comfortably edit your program list but it also allows you to upgrade the firmware of the older style Oyster Digital Receivers. You can recognise them by the 2x Scart connectors.

Download TVBoxedit


TeraTerm is a terminal software which allows you to "talk" directly to your receiver as well as upload firmware and channel list updates.
Use this software only on the later style receivers after 04/07, which has only 1 Scart connector.

Download TeraTerm


Oyster Vision Megaload allows you to update the Oyster Vision firmware.

Download MegaLoad

Driver Serial Cable

This driver will work with the blue/silver HL-340 USB to RS232 cable on Windows 98 / 2000 / XP only.

Download Driver Serial Cable