Error Codes for Troubleshooting Oyster Digital CI

Display Fault description Interference elimination
E 01 No satellite signal could be found Change your location. Do you have a free view to the North? Are you in the receiving area of a satellite?
E 02
E 03
Dish blocked in the rotation direction /elevation direction Is an object projecting into the movementarea of the antenna? Is the supply voltagetoo low (weak battery)? Switch the equipment off with the MUTE button (hold down for 3 seconds) and then switch on again.
E 04 Dish cannot completely retract and switch off Press EXIT to close the antenna again. Remove snow, leaves or other objects from the storage hollow in the antenna body.
E 05
E 06
Top box does not respond after the switch-on or does not react to commands Is the red (10Amp.) fuse OK? Are all the cables correctly inserted?
E 07 Short-circuit in the antenna cable or LNB Check the white antenna cable and the plug.
E 08 No or low voltage for the top box Check the fuses on the rear side of your receiver.
E 09 No LNB connected or LNB out of order Insure that the white IF lead is properly connected to the receiver, the top box and the LNB. In rare cases your LNB might by faulty as well.
E 10, 11, 12 Voltage drops occur while dish is moving You should charge up your battery ASAP. This is a warning only.