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Industrial quality sealants for metals, plastics, glass and wood

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Benefits of Fixtech products

MSP Adhesive sealants are:
  • Non toxic and contain no solvents or isocyanate
  • Bondable to almost everything, s steel, timber fibreglass, gel coat,  glass aluminium, PVC, rubber, granite, stone etc.
  • UV Resistant and colour stable. 
fix15 FixSeal MSP 15

Fix15 FixSeal MSP15

Multi-purpose, interior & exterior. 100% UV resistant, Avail. Black & White, Bonding & Sealing. All fittings & fixtures, cabinets,  stainless steel & rubber & PVC fixtures, antenna, satellite dish, hinges, hatches, rubber frame windows,  outlets & sensors
fixitmate grip

Fixitmate Grip FMP100

100% waterproof timber bonding. Transparent. Proven exceptional wood working adhesive stronger than F17KDH structural timbers. Easy to work with, less waste and good alternative to epoxy.
fixseal 190

FixSeal + MSP190

100% UV resistant. Avail. Black & White. Structural bonding & sealing, direct glazing, body to chassis, window guides. head light mounts, structural s.steel components fittings & fixtures, long working time. structurally secure yet easy to create smooth finish.
FixSeal MSP Fix Clear

FixSeal MSP Fix Clear

Interior & exterior multi-purpose Avail. Clear. Internal adhesion of timber panels, wall panels, invisible joint sealing, non toxic, strong and no mould, fully paintable.
Extra Fine Filler

Extra Fine Filler MP101

Multi-purpose polyester putty. While extra fine. 2 pack, low water absorption. Ideal for smooth shaping and moulding. Quick to cure and easier to sand Ideal for timber work and fibreglass repair.