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Oyster Vision V

Imported and Distributed in Australia by Smartsat

New Release Oyster Vision V Receiver independent model
VAST & Foxtel Compatible

The Oyster® V features several ground-breaking innovations in mobile antenna technology

GPS, 3D compass and inclination sensor – The Oyster® V knows exactly where the satellites are positioned – at any time. Tedious full-range scans are no longer necessary. The system swiftly aims itself to the satellite.


Feature Packed App makes updates easy

Free iOS and Android app provides dish status, software and model version information, and makes controlling the position of the dish quick and easy.


Oyster Vision V Satellite TV Receiver features:

The Oyster Vision V is the latest high quality system from Ten Haaft, an award winning, German made brand with a proven track record of over 20 years of happy Australian Caravan RV and Motorhome customers. Offering a 3 year warranty, the Oyster Vision V automatic satellite system is designed to excel in the harsh Australian environment, and offers strong weather resistance and automatic self closing mechanism.

Premium Quality Manufacture:

Oyster V includes components that luxury car manufacturers like BMW, Range Rover, Mercedes and Tesla use in their automobiles. Oyster offers an 85cm antenna dish for optimal signal quality and reception, low weight – high strength magnesium components, twin LNB (for running two tv’s) and smooth electro-mechanical skew.

Easy to use and enjoy

Simple and straighforward operation via the free mobile app, this roof mounted system is easily operated from within your caravan or motorhome. Features extremely fast, advanced satellite acquisition and lock on due to the unique inclination, GPS and 3D compass technology. Fully automatic, this system is a great investment, ensuring you’ll never miss your favorite show.

Support available via our Australian Smartsat branches, or find an installer near you with our extensive Australia wide service network.


Weight and dimensions
Dish diameter / dimensions: Ø 85 cm
Height: ~ 17 cm
Weight of external unit: ~ 11 kg
Weight of mounting material & accessories: ~ 3 kg
Feature Box: (W x H x D) 19,5 x 2 x 11,6 cm

LNB and SKEW equipment

TWIN LNB with automatic SKEW, electro-mechanical

Power Supply

Connected voltage (on-board voltage) : 12 V / 24 V
Max. current draw during satellite search: 7 A
Current draw (reception mode): 15 mA
Current draw at standby on 12-V on-board system normal / power-saving (direct connection) 15 Ma

Operator panel V5

Dimensions operator panel (without mounting frame):
W x H x D : 11,8 x 7,1 x 0,8 cm
Dimensions operator panel (with mounting frame):
W x H x D : 12 x 7,3 x 1,9 cm


Dimensions FeatureBox: W x H x D : 19,5 x 2 x 11,6 cm

Scope of supply

Oyster® V external unit: yes
Mounting plate: yes
Operator panel and FeatureBox: yes
Connecting cable kit, operating- and mounting instruction: yes